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Monday, November 07, 2005

The Impeachment Of George W. Bush

For those of you, who think they missed some important news story this week because of the title of my article you haven’t. Rather it is the eventual headlines of every major newspaper in America if the democrats regain control of the House of Representatives. Ever since the 2000 election, democrats have been waiting for a chance to enact their revenge on the Republican Party for the impeachment of President Clinton and now with the indictment of Vice President Cheney’s aide “Scooter” Libby the democrats believe they have finally found a topic on which to hatch they diabolical plan.

The case is already being made by democrats and carried on by the liberal press that the president lied America into a war against Saddam Hussein. The case was furthered by the overt actions of the Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid who shut down the Senate by calling for a closed door classified hearing for the purpose of discussing the intelligence leading up to the Iraq invasion which was nothing more than political posturing for future allegations against the President. Furthermore the liberal media have slowly turned up the rhetoric against the President and are now giving validity to the wild accusations of the democrats. Many in the media are calling for the resignation of Karl Rove and some such as the panel of liberal commentators on ABC’s Inside Washington have even stated that if President Bush lied and the allegations brought forth by the democrats are true (which they hope they are or if not they will do the best they can as liberal journalists to convince the country they are true) then President Bush will have to be held responsible for the “innocent blood on his hands”.

Now while the liberal media and the democrats are crying foul about America being lied into war, I think we should take a step back and look at how we as a nation got “lied” into war and who is really responsibility for allowing us to go to war on such a false pretense. According to Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the Constitution of the United States, Congress and only Congress can declare war on a foreign nation. The President according to the Constitution cannot declare war or lead us to war or lie us into a war. The reasoning behind the framers placing the power to declare war in the hands of the legislative body and not the executive branch is quite clear. The founders of our nation wanted to avoid the possibility of one man leading the country to war. For the founders, power of this type was too great to give to one man to be used on his whim against others. Instead, they realized that only through a rational debate and consensus of all the states should such an august action be taken.

However, the Congress of the United States has not declared war on a nation since the Second World War. For nearly sixty years, the congress has abdicated the power to declare war to the executive branch and even after the fiasco of Vietnam the congress still refused to curb the power of the President and even when attempts where taken such as the 1973 Wars Power Act it did little to stop the executive branch from taking unilateral action against other nations. In the present situation with the war on terror and the war in Iraq, the congress continued the practice of abdication to the President because they do not want to be held responsible if the war goes poorly. Instead of fulfilling their constitutional role and doing what was best for the country, the congress in its typical lily-livered fashion worried only about themselves and their bids for reelection rather than what was best for the country. I mean if three airplanes smacking into the sides of buildings isn’t enough for the congress to declare war then I don’t know what is! Of course, the congress instead of declaring war weaseled out of the tough choice by claiming they couldn’t declare war on a terrorist group because it wasn’t a nation. (What a load of horse poop that excuse was but I guess the cowardness of congress would best be left for another time as I know readers don’t want an article the size of the novel War & Peace).

Anyhow now, the democrats are out in force claiming the President lied us into the Iraq war but I say they are just as responsible for the country being at war as the President is. After all, they were complicit in allowing the President to take the action against Iraq. They had access to the same intelligence as the President and if after a through analysis of the facts, the democrats concluded the reasons for going to war were false they could vote against the war resolution. Even better yet, the democrats in the Senate could have filibustered the resolution to go to war rather than wasting the filibuster on unimportant things like the evil conservative judges (and allies of the galactic empire) Priscilla Owens and Janis Rogers Brown. However because the congress has for decades abdicated the power to go to war to the President, there was no resolution to block or vote against and now the democrats in congress are crying foul that the President lied us into war. Well maybe if those democrats had undertaken their constitutional responsibilities for the past sixty years instead of passing the decision to go to war on to the President, they could have stopped the President from falsely sending us to war. So if in the end President Bush did lie us into a war against Iraq, I think he should not be the only person removed from office for failing to uphold his constitutional obligations. I think the democrats in Congress should go as well as their crime would be greater than lying to the American people it would be failing to defend the American Republic.


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