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Saturday, August 13, 2005


I would like to welcome everyone to Boston Tea Party Online. First off, I hope you find this column entertaining, secondarily educational and arousing in spirit, and finally persuasive in nature. For some time now, I have wanted to start a career as a political commentator and this column is my first attempt at making my dream come true. In the coming weeks, I will post a weekly commentary on the topics of concern to us as a nation, and I hope you will enjoy reading my personal insights on these subjects.

About the Author

I was born in northern New Jersey and grew up just miles away from Morristown, NJ, home of General George Washington's Headquarters during the Revolutionary War. Ever since I was young, I was always interested in politics, government, and current events. I believe my interest in politics comes from two main sources of influence, the first being the very landscape of my childhood surroundings, rich in revolutionary history as it is, which therefore lends itself easily to the learning and discussion of politics and the second from the fact I grew up during the cold war a time in which current events and politics were an important part of everyday life. Because of these two influences, my eagerness to learn about politics flourished, and I quickly identified myself with the typical childhood role model the President of the United States, who thankfully at the time was Ronald Reagan. Because of my affinity with President Reagan and due to the traditional values taught to me by my parents, I unbeknowningly embraced the neoconservative philosophy at an early age.

By the time I was fifteen and in high school, I was firmly committed to the American principles of freedom and the beliefs of our revolutionary forefathers in a limited central government and in a free market capitalist system. However, not until I moved to Spring, TX a suburb of Houston with my family after my freshman year of high school, did I further developed my understanding of the conservative philosophy. While living in Texas, I found the beliefs of many southern conservatives and the beliefs of other red state republicans to be similar to my own beliefs. It was at this time I became of voting age and finally aligned myself with the conservative movement now shaping America.

After graduating high school, I continued my education in politics by attending Baylor University in Waco, TX where I studied Political Science and English Literature. I used my understanding of politics to attend Drake University's College of Business and Public Administration in Des Moines, IA and rounded out my education by studying law under the tutalege of a well respected member of the Virginia Bar through a law apprenticeship program. During my time in college and since leaving college, I have had the opportunity to influence the legislative process by working for both state legislators and national representatives in both houses of congress including U.S. Representative Kevin Brady (8th TX) and Finance Chairman Senator Charles Grassley (R-IA). At the present, I am turning my attention to trying to influence and share my knowledge of politics with those outside the beltway and thus have found myself trying to enter the political dialogue of our country as a political commentator.

Why the Boston Tea Party?

In 1773 after the passing of the Townshend Act by the British Parliament, which among several other things put a tax on tea in the colonies, a group of patriots dressed as American Indians boarded several British ships importing tea to the colonies and in an act of revolutionary defiance dumped the tea overboard. The actions of these brave and patriotic rebel rousers were a symbol of the disenfranchisement the colonial citizens felt for the British Government who held sovereignty over them. In the same vain as those brave patriots, I too have become disenfranchised with my government one that for close to forty years was controlled by the liberals of the New Deal Era and the liberals in the media who have for so long refused to do what is right and report the truth about what is best for America and other freedom loving people around the world. Therefore I am holding my own online Boston Tea Party (hence the name of my website) in a defiant act to combat the dominance of the liberal media and to undo the mistakes of the New Deal liberals by each week committing this site to the dissemination of the truth and the conservative point of view on the affairs and events of concern to our nation as a people.


I hope those who find my column insightful and rewarding will continue to join me each week at Boston Tea Party Online in an effort to promote the conservative ideology. As with all publications, your comments and letters are welcome and encouraged. I hope you enjoy my column and please don’t forget to wear your headdress to the party!!!


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